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ICDIF-LPPI Held Training on Risk Management of Islamic Bank
Friday, February 8, 2013 | Admin

The International Center for Development in Islamic Finance (ICDIF-LPPI) held an education and training program on Risk Management of Islamic Bank that entered its 6th group in Classroom 112, Bumi LPPI campus, last Tuesday (2/5).

This program that was attended by participants representing Bank BTN, Bank Kalsel, Bank BTPN, Bank Jateng, and KJKS Baituttamwil Tamzis was held intensively for three days. The subject matters to discuss included Introduction to Risk Management, Credit Risk Management, Market Risk Management, Liquidity Risk Management, Operational and Other Risk Management, Capital Stock, Risk Profile, and Disclosure.

This Risk Management of Islamic Bank program itself aims to elevate sharia bankers’ managerial and professional competence in order to be able to manage and control risks effectively. By completing this training, the participants are expected to be able to apply risk management process in general, either the credit risk, market risk, operational risk, or other risks. To this end, they are expected to be able to understand risk management regulation for banks and apply market risk, credit risk, operational risk, and other risk management processes. Moreover, they are also expected to be able to calculate bank risks and liabilities with standard and internal methods. (adm/tp)


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